Time for a Brown New Deal

Political Weeds of the Polarized Green New Deal must be Pulled for Alternative Policy if Post-COVID American Infrastructure will Succeed Photo: The MAC Farms biodigestion energy facility in central Kentucky, 2018. Samuel Kessler. In early May 2019, I was walking through puddles in the streets between Senator McConnell’s office in the Russell building to anotherContinue reading “Time for a Brown New Deal”

The Case for Supporting Israel

Imagine this: in rural Virginia, about fifty miles outside of Washington D.C., an internationally recognized terrorist group has seized an area the size of a large city. They have established a de facto military base in this area to execute attacks on the nation’s capital and surrounding locales, using the homes and workplaces of civiliansContinue reading “The Case for Supporting Israel”

McConnell’s Long Game and the Fight for the Supreme Court

“Winners make policy and losers go home,” declares Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) in his memoir, The Long Game. This quote gives insight into the formulation of McConnell’s political strategy focused on advancing the conservative agenda. The strategy entails making strong decisions – even when unpopular – to benefit election outcomes and the futureContinue reading “McConnell’s Long Game and the Fight for the Supreme Court”

To Build a Fair Justice System, End Monetary Bail

In the United States, one of our most sacred legal principles is being “innocent until proven guilty.” This principle establishes a system of fairness and rights for the accused; making it so that the accusers do not bear the burden of proving their innocence. This asserts that it is better for society and the justiceContinue reading “To Build a Fair Justice System, End Monetary Bail”

The Bridge to Better Infrastructure

Over 2.2 million people across the three states of Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio are encompassed in what is known as “Greater Cincinnati.” This surrounding tri-state area not only shares close proximity to Cincinnati, Ohio, but also a robust economy, rich culture, and love of Cincinnati sports and chili. I was born and raised in NorthernContinue reading “The Bridge to Better Infrastructure”