2022 Louisville Mayoral Election

On May 17, both the Republican and Democratic parties will be holding a primary for the mayoral election scheduled in November. Our current Mayor, Greg Fischer, is term limited and cannot run again for Mayor. LPR interviewed three candidates, Colin Hardin, Tim Findley, and Craig Greenberg, with full interviews here on our YouTube. Below isContinue reading “2022 Louisville Mayoral Election”

Voting Rights Are a Major Issue in Kentucky

The right to vote is currently under attack from all angles. The Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act, state legislatures across the country are passing laws that will remove voting rights from many Black Americans, and trust in election processes and democracy are historically low. There is a strong national effort to strip BlackContinue reading “Voting Rights Are a Major Issue in Kentucky”

In the Wake of Kentucky’s Tornadoes, It’s Time to Take Climate Change Action

Photo: Malcolm Lightbody I was the first in the house to be woken up in the middle of the night by a tornado siren. It was the night after my grandmother’s funeral in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and I had the unfortunate task of sleeping on the couch in the living room as all the bedsContinue reading “In the Wake of Kentucky’s Tornadoes, It’s Time to Take Climate Change Action”

We Have the Responsibility to Help Our Fellow Kentuckians. Here’s How You Can Do So.

Photo by Shawn Triplett. We at the Louisville Political Review extend our hearts to all UofL students, family, friends, and community members affected by the devastating tornadoes that hit Western Kentucky last Friday. As very fortunate Kentuckians who were not directly affected by these disastrous events, we have the responsibility to help our neighbors toContinue reading “We Have the Responsibility to Help Our Fellow Kentuckians. Here’s How You Can Do So.”

The Direct Primary Care Model: Where You Can Get More for Less

Could patients ever pay less and get more? The question seems almost ridiculous in America now, where an ER visit can cost thousands of dollars, but a growing group of primary care physicians think the answer is yes. These primary care physicians use a business model called direct primary care. Think of it as aContinue reading “The Direct Primary Care Model: Where You Can Get More for Less”

Libertarians Can Support Mask Mandates Without Violating their Philosophy

Photo by Patrick Whalen, featuring Justus Kellond. Rand Paul, whose father was a member of the Libertarian party, is often described as a Libertarian-leaning Republican. In 2018, Paul gave a talk at Duke University published as “How Libertarian Philosophy Can Connect Divided Partisans.” For Paul, libertarianism is about protecting liberty and preventing government overreach inContinue reading “Libertarians Can Support Mask Mandates Without Violating their Philosophy”

Kentucky’s Rising Student Debt Crisis

The United States, the so-called “Land of Opportunity,” has a knack for leaving people behind. Take an example aside from the titular issue: the healthcare system. Virtually every other developed country in the world has one form or another of a single-payer healthcare system. The United States does not. Government inaction exists most strikingly withinContinue reading “Kentucky’s Rising Student Debt Crisis”

Take a Chance on Betting in the Bluegrass State

The Kentucky Derby is known as “the most exciting two minutes in sports”. The mint juleps, derby hats, firework shows, and of course the main race itself all contribute to this excitement, but the real thrill for many is found in betting on the race. Horse racing and the wagers placed on it not onlyContinue reading “Take a Chance on Betting in the Bluegrass State”

Wild, Wonderful, and Vulnerable: How Climate Change is Ravaging Appalachia

I’ve endured, I’ve endured. How long can one endure? -Ola Belle Reed Rolling blankets of green, lush, and wild for miles. Climbing up cliffs and new worlds open as ears gently pop with the high altitude. A drive through the heart of Appalachian country in the mountains of eastern Kentucky and West Virginia reveals richContinue reading “Wild, Wonderful, and Vulnerable: How Climate Change is Ravaging Appalachia”

Food Apartheid: How Hunger Became Political

If you were asked to define your relationship with food, what would you say? What words come to mind, and does a relationship even exist? For younger people, food is most often viewed as a commodity. On college campuses, fast food chains dominate our dining halls, satisfying those cravings for pizza, hamburgers, and all theContinue reading “Food Apartheid: How Hunger Became Political”