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For inquiries about articles we have written, please contact us at, or email Editor-in-Chief Nino Owens at


The Louisville Political Review is accepting submissions from a broad range of subjects relating to politics. Our editors are willing to work with you from an article pitch to complete drafts. We accept submissions from undergraduates of all majors, graduate students, professors, and even community members for internal review and editing. If you are an undergraduate student, and you wish to regularly contribute to the LPR, we highly recommend you apply to be a staff writer.

Submission Format:

  • Articles typically range from 500-1500 words.
  • Articles usually are in the third person, though if writers are discussing their personal identities or stories, we will make an exception.
  • We do recommend having section titles in your article. Make sure you bold these.
  • Articles must have sources hyperlinked on active verbs. A guideline is 2-4 links per paragraph. If you aren’t familiar with how to hyperlink, just attach footnotes in the text to your sources.
  • The primary audience is college students, so keep your writing accessible and clear.

Please send the finished draft using a Google Docs link to both and with subject line: “LPR: [article title]”. Please include a short author bio in the email. For any other questions, email one of the addresses above.