The True Cost of a World Cup

Twenty-two players on the field, eleven on each side. The game plays for ninety minutes. Those ninety minutes will fly by. You blink, you might miss out on magic happening on the field. Every thunderous kick of the ball is packed with passion. Every step over, every flick of the ball is backed with aContinue reading “The True Cost of a World Cup”

#JeSuisCharlie: The Legacy of the Twitter Movement, 5 Years Later

On the morning of January 7, 2015, the editorial meeting of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo was well underway in Paris when two masked gunmen armed with AK-47s forced their way into the publication’s offices and opened fire, leaving twelve dead. This would signify the beginning of a three-day siege of terrorist attacks on the FrenchContinue reading “#JeSuisCharlie: The Legacy of the Twitter Movement, 5 Years Later”

The Case for Supporting Israel

Imagine this: in rural Virginia, about fifty miles outside of Washington D.C., an internationally recognized terrorist group has seized an area the size of a large city. They have established a de facto military base in this area to execute attacks on the nation’s capital and surrounding locales, using the homes and workplaces of civiliansContinue reading “The Case for Supporting Israel”