Should Supreme Court Justices Serve for Life?

The Supreme Court’s main objective is to make decisions in significant legal cases with constitutional implications. The Court has the final say, and as the other branches of government have increasingly come to a stalemate over issues, its significance and power have only increased. As a result, nominations have become crucial to long-term political agendasContinue reading “Should Supreme Court Justices Serve for Life?”

Here’s Why We Need To Get Rid of ShotSpotter

On a cold March night in 2021, the ShotSpotter gunshot detection system picked up the sounds of gunshots in a Chicago neighborhood, dispatching police to a dimly lit alleyway. What followed was a chase that quickly turned deadly. On that night, Adam Toledo was shot dead by those responding police. The incident, captured on video,Continue reading “Here’s Why We Need To Get Rid of ShotSpotter”

A Louisville Story: A Short Essay on Shelby Lanier

While many of us may not typically consider a police officer to be a presence in a community beyond our day-to-day jobs, there are some that stick out. It’s partially a result of a police force that has become more focused on drug busts and bringing down crime statistics than on building relationships with communities.Continue reading “A Louisville Story: A Short Essay on Shelby Lanier”

An American Angst: What Keeps Young Voters From Traditional Political Participation?  

In May of 2016, a week after listening to former Democratic presidential candidate and Senator Bernie Sanders at a rally on the Great Lawn in Louisville, I walked down to my polling station to cast my first-ever vote in the Democratic primary election. A few weeks later, Senator Sanders would go on to lose theContinue reading “An American Angst: What Keeps Young Voters From Traditional Political Participation?  “