States are Hoarding Welfare from the Needy

Tax season has just ended. While nobody likes the hassle that filing taxes creates, the underlying philosophy behind them is simple and shared: we pay taxes so that the child down the street gets an education, or so the single mother of three gets the support she needs. Despite widespread support for public assistance programsContinue reading “States are Hoarding Welfare from the Needy”

John Brown: A Biography

The institution of slavery will forever plague American history. The slave economy was a core feature of the growth of the financial system, culture, and politics of the country for almost two and a half centuries until it ultimately became a catalyst for civil war. Though the institution was dismantled, it molded into something hardlyContinue reading “John Brown: A Biography”

Kentucky’s Rising Student Debt Crisis

The United States, the so-called “Land of Opportunity,” has a knack for leaving people behind. Take an example aside from the titular issue: the healthcare system. Virtually every other developed country in the world has one form or another of a single-payer healthcare system. The United States does not. Government inaction exists most strikingly withinContinue reading “Kentucky’s Rising Student Debt Crisis”