2022 Louisville Mayoral Election

On May 17, both the Republican and Democratic parties will be holding a primary for the mayoral election scheduled in November. Our current Mayor, Greg Fischer, is term limited and cannot run again for Mayor. LPR interviewed three candidates, Colin Hardin, Tim Findley, and Craig Greenberg, with full interviews here on our YouTube. Below isContinue reading “2022 Louisville Mayoral Election”

In the Wake of Kentucky’s Tornadoes, It’s Time to Take Climate Change Action

Photo: Malcolm Lightbody I was the first in the house to be woken up in the middle of the night by a tornado siren. It was the night after my grandmother’s funeral in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and I had the unfortunate task of sleeping on the couch in the living room as all the bedsContinue reading “In the Wake of Kentucky’s Tornadoes, It’s Time to Take Climate Change Action”

Louisville Needs Affordable Housing

It’s fall now, and the days have turned colder. At night it dips into the 40s, and like most people, I don’t have to compete for a safe spot to sleep, I don’t have to worry about staying warm and dry, about my belongings getting stolen in the middle of the night, or about gettingContinue reading “Louisville Needs Affordable Housing”