About Us

The Louisville Political Review is a nonpartisan, undergraduate-run, online magazine with the purpose of fostering articulate and civil discussion by publishing long-form articles (“think pieces”) written by undergraduates on a wide array of topics pertaining to politics.

Pictured from left to right: Nino Owens, Alexander Reynolds, Elijah Deters, Julia Mattingly, Amelia Barr, Daniel Ngongo, Samuel Kessler, Patrick Whalen. Not pictured: Emma Fridy, Tabitha Caudill, Zane Phelps.

We at the Louisville Political Review are dedicated to closing the partisan perception gap and getting people to understand one another. We are not necessarily seeking to change anyone’s mind about a particular issue, but open it to perspectives different from their own. Rather than filtering ideas to suit the beliefs of our readers and what we think they would like, we want to encourage our readers to challenge themselves to learn about an idea from a viewpoint dissimilar from their own.

We hope this is — and remains– a publication the University and community of Louisville is proud of: a diverse display of the extraordinary writing and research talents of undergraduate students.