Here is the Evidence and Logic Used in the Writing of our SGA Article.

On Saturday, April 9th, members of the LPR editorial board were informed of the decision on the SGA election that was soon to be announced by the Supreme Court. We were given a copy of the Court’s opinion (which explains the “logic” behind their decision) and copies of the Finley/Brooks suit and the Brown/Hayden countersuit. It was decided that our Managing Editor Nino Owens would be responsible for writing the article, “The SGA Supreme Court and Top 4 Stole the SGA Elections.” This was decided because of Nino’s experience and interest in law, his writing ability, and the fact that he was personally removed from any involvement in Top 4 races.   

Nino spent hours reading over the suits and the opinion, calling people involved in the case, and finally writing the article that was published on Sunday. As two members of the editorial board were involved in Top 4 races (Julia Mattingly and Alex Reynolds), their role in producing this article was limited to editing. By the time Nino finished his draft, he was convinced by the evidence that the election was unfairly determined by the SGA Supreme Court and Top 4 instead of the student body. This undemocratic truth moved him to ask the editorial board to release the article with the entire board signed on to it. After reading his article, and agreeing that the democratic process on campus had been hindered, we agreed to do so. 

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and we are certain that some disagree with the article released on Sunday. Some of this disagreement in the coming days will come from the Court, Top 4, and other high places. They will say that LPR is not objective. To this we say: we don’t claim to be, as we are a long-form journalism publication. Additionally, false objectivity usually restricts people from pointing out the truth. They will also say that we are not credible and that we propagate misinformation. To this we say nothing. Instead, we have made all the materials used in the writing and publishing of this article available to the public: so YOU can decide for yourselves. 

As a publication, we take claims of misinformation extremely seriously. Any article we publish, especially one as important as this one, goes through rigorous fact-checking and editing before being released to the public. Our writers and editors work thoroughly to ensure their work is based on verifiable truth, not conjecture. 

At the Louisville Political Review, we believe intellectual diversity is a must for a publication to be successful. Therefore, the LPR Editorial Board is made up of four scholars with a wide variety of backgrounds, experiences, and ideologies. We very rarely unanimously agree on anything, as evidenced by the lack of articles published by our board before Sunday. So, when we do, it should be a strong sign that an issue is very important–or that something went very wrong. 

The following includes text messages from current AVP Alexa Meza, a screenshot of an email sent by the SGA Supreme Court to counsels involved, the unofficial results of the SGA election, and the opinion of the Court and suits filed by candidates given to us by an individual involved in the case.

Text messages from current AVP Alexa Meza that were sent to Julia Mattingly regarding a potential run-off election for the position of AVP.

Screenshot of an email the SGA Supreme Court sent to counsels involved in the case announcing the new vote totals. 

2022 SGA Election Report.pdf –This link will take you to the unofficial results that were distributed to all SGA candidates soon after the election. This is before votes were altered by the SGA Supreme Court. 

Finley_Brooks v. Brown_Hayden.pdf– This link will take you to the SGA Supreme Court’s opinion in the Finley/Brooks v. Brown/Hayden case.

SGA Suits 2022 argument (1) (1).docx– This link will take you to EVP Sydney Finley’s and her running mate Paighton Brooks’s suit against Dorian Brown and Katie Hayden that was filed with the Court on March 21st. 

Brown Hayden SCOTSGA.pdf– This link will take you to the countersuits filed by candidate Dorian Brown and his running mate Kaite Hayden in response to the previously linked suit. 

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