The Case for Supporting Israel

Imagine this: in rural Virginia, about fifty miles outside of Washington D.C., an internationally recognized terrorist group has seized an area the size of a large city. They have established a de facto military base in this area to execute attacks on the nation’s capital and surrounding locales, using the homes and workplaces of civilians as cover from retaliation. How do you think the United States government would respond to this imminent threat to national security? How would you want them to? 

In the United States, this scenario is merely an intellectual exercise, but for the government of Israel and its citizens, this is a dire reality. As the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip is less than 50 miles from Jerusalem, Israelis must prepare themselves and their families for the genuine possibility that a missile attack could destroy their livelihoods or take their lives at any moment. These citizens turn towards their government, charged with protecting them, and realize that even their advanced air-defense systems and highly trained military are not sufficient enough to save Israeli lives. 

Hamas, the terrorist organization-political party hybrid that governs the Gaza Strip, does not only endanger Israeli citizens, but also the Palestinians that voted them into power, as they frequently use the homes and workplaces of innocent Palestinians for cover against Israeli retaliation. The group is not ashamed of their actions: their charter reads, “The time will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews (and kill them); until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: 0 Muslim!” These are the people, hellbent on Israeli extinction, that are responsible for the continued violence in the region. 

A Century of Conflict

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not new. In fact, it is over a hundred years old. In order to avoid falling into the briarpatch of groupthink that currently pervades this issue on both sides of the political aisle, it is crucial to know the origin and history of Israel. The concept of the modern Jewish state emerged in the late 1800s via a socio-political movement called Zionism. Jewish Virtual Library defines Zionism as, “The national movement for the return of the Jewish people to their homeland and the resumption of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel.” This came as anti-semitism in Europe was on the rise. The movement progressed rather slowly until the British government issued the Balfour Declaration in 1917, in which they promised to, “use their best endeavors to facilitate… the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people.” 

Yes, Britain. If that sounds odd, it was, because at the time, Britain had no power in the territory then known as Palestine. However, this quickly changed following the conclusion of World War I. When the Ottoman Empire fell, the United Nations (UN) forerunner, the League of Nations, asserted that most of the countries previously under the Empire’s reign needed to be “supervised” by European powers until they could become autonomous nations. For Israel, this power was assigned to Britain, and following this, the two decades of the British Mandate of Palestine began. In just about twenty years, the Jewish population in Palestine increased exponentially from about 25,000 before the mandate to 650,000 afterwards in response to British economic incentives to immigrate. 

The period of British Mandate of Palestine brought overwhelming violence and hostility between the Arabs and Jews living there. It became so severe that Britain limited immigration to the country and restricted the Jewish right to own property, cutting off a vital refuge for many of Europe’s Jews attempting to escape the spreading anti-semitic persecutions of Nazi Germany. Following World War II and the systematic slaughter of millions of Jews in the Holocaust, Britain vacated their mandate and pushed the responsibility of handling Palestine to the newly formed United Nations. The UN then formed a commission that offered the first two-state solution to the situation. Palestine would be separated into two separate countries: one Arab and one Jewish, with the city of Jerusalem under international control. 

The Jews in Palestine agreed to the partition proposal, but the Arabs did not. Instead of attempting to handle the dispute diplomatically, the Arab Palestinians, with the assistance of Egypt, modern day Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Yemen, declared war on the new state of Israel. Israel solidified its status as a state after surprisingly, yet soundly defeating the Arab coalition. This conflict came to be known as the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, and it began a trend that would come to mark Israeli-Palestinian relations: long periods of civil unrest, followed by unsuccessful peace talks that lead to more unrest and even wars. 

Israel has offered Palestinian leadership two-state solutions on at least three differents occasions (not including the UN Partition Plan): the Oslo Accords in 1993, the Camp David Conference in 2000, and the Annapolis conference of 2008. The Palestinians have rejected every one of these offers, even though the Arab states surrounding Israel have abandoned their hostilities towards the nation. 

What Does This History Tell Us?

Israel’s history exposes the irony of the criticism that is consistently levied at the nation. First, European Jews did not return to what they believed to be their scriptural homeland to start oppressing the Arabs who were living there. In fact, before Britain got involved, Arabs and Jews in Palestine coexisted rather peacefully. The influx of Jews into Palestine before 1948 can be attributed to two factors: British economic incentives and rising anti-semitism in Europe. Neither of these factors could be controlled by the Jewish people. 

Secondly, Israel agreed to a two-state solution in 1948. They were then forced to fight a war to prove their legitimacy as a nation. They fought another similar war in 1967, proving they have a right to exist, and expanding their territorial holdings. Since 1967, they have relinquished land they rightfully won in exchange for peace with Egypt and Jordan. Although they are not required to by any means, they have attempted to do the same exact thing with Palestine, who have perpetually refused to agree to a compromise. 

To be clear, Israel has fought, and won, two wars that it did not initiate. They have had to manage nearly nonstop violence from Palestinian terrorist organizations, government institutions, and even their citizens. Many claim that Israel frequently responds to Palestinian attacks with excessive responses, saying that Palestine’s forces are less equipped than the Isreali Defense Forces (IDF), and that Israel abuses its military prowess when interacting with Palestine. This argument could hold water if Israel launched their military operations unprompted, but as their history shows, they most often do not. Attacking a country with an excellent military, and then complaining when that military defends its citizens, is perplexing. 

It is important to highlight that portraying the world’s only Jewish state as “evil oppressors” is problematic at best and anti-semitic at worst. This does not mean Israel can do no wrong, or that they should not be held accountable for their wrongful actions simply because they are Jewish. It means that a nation who has attempted, in good faith, to negotiate peace deals and two-state solutions with the Palestinians are held to standards that no other sovereign state on the planet is, in regards to their self-defense. It means that a nation who pulled their military from the Gaza Strip in 2006, only to have it fall into the hands of a terrorist organization that kills not only Israelis, but also Palestinians, has a right to defend itself against that organization’s attacks. 

What is the difference between Israel and every other sovereign nation? For some reason, they are expected to turn the other cheek when the lives of their citizens are on the line. It is important for those who view Israel’s handling of this conflict in a negative light to ask this question: why should Israel be expected to conduct itself on a high moral plane, when no other nation is, and more importantly, when its enemies aren’t?

What Does the United States Have to Do With This? 

The latest escalation of tensions and military actions between Israel and the Palestianian terrorist organization Hamas has resulted in international outrage. Protests have erupted in the United States and across the world. Some of these demonstrations took place in Kentucky, both in Louisville and Lexington. Many demonstrators are demanding the United States government cut off military and other taxpayer-funded aid to Israel, arguing that the alleged human rights abuses in the Gaza Strip, West Bank, and Golan Heights make such aid inhumane and unethical. 

The United States receives a myriad of benefits from their diplomatic and economic ties to Israel. According to the State Department, the US contributes almost $4 billion to Israel annually. In return, the United States receives indispensable security assistance from the Israeli military. This assistance comes in the forms of weapons research and development, covert intelligence regarding security threats from the region, and joint military exercises. Israel’s sensitive geopolitical positioning offers the United States countless national security benefits. 

In addition to the boost Israel offers to the United States’s national security, the countries also conduct $50 billion of trade of goods and services annually. While these imports and exports are important pieces of both nation’s global economies, they also participate in cultural and scientific exchanges through various organizations the fruits of which cannot be quantified. 

Demands for the United States to cut off aid to Israel, especially from American liberals and progressives, are not only misguided, but also an ironic juxtaposition of their expressed political beliefs. Israel is a bastion of democratic values and tolerance in the Middle East/North African region. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, an organization that ranks the levels of democracy around the world annually, Israel ranks as the most democratic country in the region. Most other countries in the same region do not come close to guaranteeing the same freedoms and rights to its citizens that Israel does. It is strange that many claim to support the spread of democracy, freedom, and tolerance, but do not support the only country in the Middle East that consistently upholds those values. 

Israel outranks every Middle Eastern country. For context, the United States’s global rank is 25.


Israel’s conflict with the Palestinian people and their leadership shows no signs of reaching an end soon. Whenever two peoples are engaged in a violent struggle, especially one as protracted and complex as the one between Israel and Palestine, there will inevitably be tough decisions made on both sides that results in injury and death for both parties. But Israel is not an oppressor, it is not a colonizer, and it has not committed genocide in any form. When seriously and holistically considered, one must admit that Israel is a diamond in the rough of a geopolitical hellscape, and they not only deserve, but need the aid that the United States offers them.

Photo by Levi Meir Clancy


  1. Bernard Spiegal@wordpress, his Blog Head Line reads: Toward a Greater Israel.

    It includes a snapshot opinion expressed by an Arab and the left wing Haaretz. Spiegal has a very low opinion of the Jewish State. He [reports]: “Israel is a militaristic state. For many years now, it has ranked first in the Global Militarisation Index (GMI). By way of contrast, the USA ranks twenty-seventh, the UK seventy-seventh. The GMI bases its rankings on a set of quantifiable indicators, for example, GMI compares a country’s military expenditure with its Gross Domestic Product, and its health expenditure.”

    According to the GMI webpage: [Quote\UnQuote]: GMI Categories and method — The GMI is divided into three overarching categories: expenditure, personnel and heavy weapons. Military spending in relation to GDP and health spending are the most important indicators for determining the level of militarisation. Financial resources which are made available via the military budget by a government are an important factor which affects capacities and size of a state’s armed forces. The other indicator the GMI uses is the comparison between the total military budget and government spending on health services.

    The Atlantic and Pacific Oceans border the United States. Israel by sharp contrast has had to fight 3 wars of potential extermination. In 1967 President Nasser promised that Arab armies would accomplish in that up coming war what they failed to achieve in 1948, to complete the Nazi genocide of the Jews. The Israeli government likewise expected 10s of thousands of Israeli casualties in the up coming war.

    Great Power politics dominated the conflict. When the Soviets realized the extent of the Arab defeat, they forced the UN to impose a cease fire after only 6 Days! According to Dennis Ross, former special assistant to Obama, the June war caught Johnson by surprise; his energies and focus centered at that time upon Vietnam. Both the US and the Soviets demanded a cease fire when Israeli military forces threatened to capture the Syrian Capital of Damascus!

    According to Nicholas Rostow, a former special assistant to Presidents Reagan and George H. W. Bush, and legal advisor to the U.S. mission at the United Nations, UN Security Council Resolution 242 remains the only framework. US strategic Foreign Policy, established by the Truman Administration, stands upon 2 legs: (1) The Marshal Plan: aid in exchange for US military bases stationed in those countries with receive US aid. (2) The Containment Policy: otherwise known as the 2 State solution. Korea, Vietnam, and Israel all serve as examples of this Great Power foreign policy agenda.

    “After the war, Johnson gave an important speech on the Middle East that laid out the main ideas embodied in Resolution 242: namely, that every nation had a fundamental right to live in peace and have that right respected by its neighbors; that threats to eliminate neighbors had become a burden to world peace; that nations had to agree to these principles if they wanted to be part of the UN Charter; that a new respect for refugees was needed; that maritime rights had to be respected; that arms races had to be curtailed; that respect for the political and territorial
    independence of all states was essential; and that all parties should respect the three major religions linked to Jerusalem. The most fundamental point was that Israel would not be forced out of the territories it conquered without peace. Each of these points became part of 242. The process of getting there was arduous, but states were more willing to look at the problem rationally after the pressure of war had come to an end.”

    The political rhetoric of this speech conceals Great Power strategic interests. The Israeli shocking victory in that war, effectively changed the balance of power in the Middle East. The interests of both the US and the USSR, included the former Great Powers of Britain and France, all these hostile foreign States sought to reverse and negate the disturbance to the balance of power which came as a result of the Israeli victory.

    The key term of this rhetoric, which hangs a mountain by a hair, the term “P E A C E”. This key term applies to allies and never to enemies. Peace requires trust, and only a fool trusts his enemy. What defines Great Power politics? When Super-Powers share no common border with other countries on the planet … yet these Super-Powers make it their strategic interests to determine the international borders of those “inferior” States. The lessor rate powers of Europe pretend that they determine, by means of writing a Treaty among themselves, like the Rome Agreement, that they define the meaning and intent of “International Law”. The UN, a creation of the victors of WWll, continually condemns Israel for violating “International Law”; France wrote its own version of UN Resolution 242.

    The main stream media functions as the obedient poodle of Governments who dominate the UN Security Council and General Assembly. The term “News” refers to recent history rather that strategic planning or tactics involved in up and coming decision making. Reporters have little, if any training or knowledge concerning theories of strategic planning or tactics. The job of reporters centers upon selling copy, that’s read today and immediately thrown in the trash thereafter. In short, newspaper copy — not a particularly reliable or good source for acquiring anything other than gossip and slander.

    Michael Mandelbaum, a former senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations; currently a professor emeritus of American foreign policy at Johns Hopkins University’s Nitze School of Advanced International Studies and author of the book Mission Failure: America and the World in the Post-Cold War Era (2016). Its an important rule to consider the credentials of all givers of public information &\or “news”.

    His stated opinion concerning the consequences of the 6 Day War: “… had long-term regional consequences for the United States. The overriding result was the establishment of Israeli military supremacy, which continues to be a major strategic asset for Washington.” This statement validates the statement made by this blog that the ’67 Israeli victory changed the balance of power in the Middle East. Hence the UN Security Council, specifically the US, France, and the USSR, sought to negate through UN Resolution 242 the Israeli victory in our 2nd War of Independence.

    Immediately after the Israelis changed the balance of power in the Middle East, the EU, many Muslim countries in Africa, and the USSR and UN General Assembly and Security Council started to condemn the “Israeli occupation of the captured Arab territories”. Despite the FACT that when Jordan illegally annexed these same “captured territories” in 1948, all UN member countries, except for Britain and Pakistan, denounced the Jordanian annexation of these “captured territories” as illegal!

    After the Arab defeat in 1967, suddenly Israel transformed itself, according to the international press, into an Apartheid, Zionism is Racism, illegal settler of Arab occupied territories. The continuous string of UN condemnations of Israel by the General Assembly of the UN which denounce the Jewish state as a violator of International law etc etc etc, this propaganda rhetoric appeals and seeks to arouse an international emotional react.

    Immediately after Israeli changed the balance of power in the Middle East, governments east and west, with an agenda to dominate all the countries of the Middle East and make this region of the world into divided spheres of influence parceled out between the Great Powers, their main stream media poodles began barking how the Middle East anarchy threaten the stability of the entire world. The without Peace, and Peace Soon, the world would rapidly descend unto a nuclear Armageddon. Notice no Parliament leader in Britain or Europe ever challenged this poppycock agenda as utter and complete none sense!

    Propanda rhetoric aims to offend the emotions of the uneducated masses who tend to think relying upon the heads of their penises rather than relying upon logic and rational thought. Made a response to Bernard Spiegal, but upon reflection concluded that such an emotional lightweight would most likely delete my comment to his blog. Therefore, decided to copy and paste my response to his reactionary condemnation of my country, a country which I personally seriously doubt he has even once ever visited. Therefore without further ado, may response made to his reactionary tripe\rubbish.

    Takes 2 hands to clap. Your article only focuses upon one hand. That’s not objective reporting but propaganda. This “pogrom” as you label it, did the Jews kill a Balestinian baby and use its blood to make Pass Over matza???? You article seeks to arouse an emotional reaction from your 45 followers. Do you support Nazi propaganda which sought to arouse German emotions to a fever pitch to justify the illegal invasion of Poland? If the latter – utterly immoral, then so too your rhetoric propaganda which reports on only one side of the dispute.

    What does your Head Line “Greater Israel” have to do with a local dispute in Hebron? The propaganda “Greater Israel” came from Yasser Arafat suggesting an image on the 50 agorot 1\2 new shekel coin represented a map of an Israel that included Jordan, Syria, and a good portion of Iraq! So why do you make this absurd Arab propaganda piece the Head Line of your pogrom hysteria piece?

    Honestly I do not know if you even read my objections to your article. A self hating Jew who despises the Jewish state, what happens – to to mass of assimilated Jewry – when anarchy and chaos erupts in the US? Will you flee to Israel? I suggest this question has a very reasonable basis. Why? If you examine all the societies across Europe which expelled Jewish populations from their countries Britain, France, Spain, German, Russia etc,,, what common denominator do all the Jewish populations in those countries share in common? A very high assimilation rate among the Jewish populations living in those countries!!! What’s the % of assimilation and intermarriage of Jews, like yourself, in America???

    When Arab refugee terrorists fire thousands of missiles and mortar shells into Israeli population centers, do you call that a pogrom? No. When Hamas terrorists kidnap and murder 3 Israeli teens returning home from school, do you condemn and denounce this atrocity with a Head Line: Arabs attempt again to throw the Jews into the Sea? No.

    Israel fought two wars of Independence, one in 1948 and the second in 1967. President Nasser of Egypt promised his people that Arab armies would accomplish in 1967 what they failed to achieve in 1948! The Israeli government at the time took him at his word. They dug graves for the expected 10s of thousands of Israeli war deaths. The surprise attack where the Israeli Air Force destroyed the Egyptian and Syrian Air Forces in a matter of minutes proved the dreaded fears of the Prime Minister of Israel as unfounded.

    Arabs rejected the 2 State UN proposal made in 1947 and then lost their war, which 5 Arab armies initiated, to throw the Jews into the Sea and complete the Nazi Shoah. It totally amazes me that self hating Jews like yourself abhor and detest your own people.mosckerr

    According to the “Palestinian Chronicle”: ” We’re in the South Hebron Hills this morning together with our partners and hundreds of Israelis and Palestinians in order to demand access to water for all and to protest against settler violence. ”

    You blog failed to even mention this as the source of the dispute. That pro Arab paper also writes: “Rateb Jabour, a local anti-colonization activist, told WAFA that the protesters chanted slogans against illegal settlement expansion at the expense of the native Palestinian population …”

    Did you know that Arabs of the Middle East can not even pronounce the letter P, as in the European word “Palestine”? No. You do not, nor did not know this FACT. Did you know that during the British Mandate labeled by the League of Nations as the “Palestine Mandate”, that the land included Jordan and Iraq? Ooooops ya did not know that either.

    Did you know that the French and British agreed in 1916 how they would partition Ottoman Greater Syria, in the secret Sykes-Picot treaty, among their respective empires after they defeated the Central Powers? Do you know that the Ottoman territory of “Greater Syria” included the present day countries of Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Jordan, and Iraq? Ooooops ya did not know that either.

    Perhaps you should first educate yourself on this conflict which directly involves the strategic interests of Great Power politics before you limit the dispute between Israel and Arab refugees who have no country of their own.

    Last question, if your arrogance permits you to read this far. Did you know that never in the history of all man kind on the Planet Earth, that no country of “Palestine” has ever existed? Yet you condemn Israel for not permitting a Palestinian State!!! Dude wake up and smell the coffee.


    1. The most basic explanation of why Pelosi — the Democratic Speaker of the House — lead the revolt against the Presidency of Trump. How US strategic interests sharply contrast with Israeli strategic interests.
      September 11, 1990, George Bush spoke to the Congress and the world. In his speech, George declared a “new world order”, as he prepared for war. All US Administrations, Republican or Democrat have embraced this “new world order”. Comes President Trump, together with his ‘America First’ agenda which totally rejects this “new world order”, first established by Mad George.

      Past the fancy political rhetoric narishkeit,,, what actually defines the concept of “new world order”? Answer: an economic union between Mexico\United States/ and Canada. The Trump vision of ‘America First’, rejected as crazy the “new world order” favored by Mad George. The America First foreign policy of President Trump attempt to regulate the movement of illegal refugees, their efforts to flee to the US, primarily directed toward entrance through the border between Mexico and the US. Mad George, guided by the Dick, pulled a bait and switch upon the American people, after the false flag attack of 9\11, most probably under the guidance and leadership of the Dick, Mad George illegally bombed and invaded Iraq. A country which had absolutely no connection what so ever with 9\11. Mad George employed this foreign invasion, comparable to the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese, as a smoke screen to conceal the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Based upon the premise that Domestic Policy issues “always” trumps Foreign Policy issues.

      The torture of captured prisoners — Bush Administration, his ”new world order” did not limit itself to invading countries which might somehow threaten the continued domination of the US petro-dollar monopoly in the Middle East. The concept of “new world order” came home to roost as the later expressed Nafta trade agreement. To what does this rhetoric deception compare? The post Civil War ”American Democracy” imposed upon the Constitution together with the Corporate Monopoly Lobbies which today write the Bills which corrupt Congress persons and Senators present to Congress. The electoral college and not the democratic popular vote ultimately determines who sits as President of the United States. The electoral college definitively proves that America remains, despite the damned Yankee victory, primarily a Republic rather than a democracy. For a brief explanation of the electoral college []. States Rights Washington Bites.

      What fundamentally distinguishes Strategic National Interests from Tactical National Interests? The latter represents the necessary steps required to achieve some immediate set and established goal. The former, it like the Constitution, serves as the foundation which defines the strategic long term interest of the nation. America, for example, borders Mexico and Canada and has the Pacific and Atlantic oceans for its borders. This reality remains a fixed constant in all generation of that nation upon the planet Earth.

      The British learned from the experience of the Revolutionary War, just how difficult the burden to maintain a military occupation and rule of a country separated from the motherland by thousands of miles distance. The post WWll Pax American empire, likewise in its own turn experienced the disgrace of Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Military defeats of US imperialism, the attempts by ambitious men – addicted to the drug of power – to determine the international borders of nations distant and abroad from the United States.

      Strategic national interests compare to the basic conservative nature which the US written Constitution maintains. Yes its possible to subvert and change the Constitution without the trouble of passing an Amendment. Post Civil War Washington, for example, preferred to impose law and order through lobbies stationed in Washington, rather than restrict all Bills presented to Congress, limited to Bills which the Governors of the States or the State Legislatures favored and approved. Criminal George, America’s equivalent to that mad fool George III whose vile imperialism fomented the American Revolution, invaded Iraq to protect the petro-dollar monopoly whereby the US regulates all OPEC oil and gas sales limited to USD transactions.

      To effectively unite the economies of Mexico and Canada, to a shared dollar currency, with the purpose to join three countries economies into one Union, requires EU like open borders. Trump’s ‘America First’ policy rejected this “new world order”, which both the DemoRats and the imperialist Neo Con Republicans embrace and advidly favors. Mad George referred to the Constitution as “just a GD piece of paper”. George Washington (the only thing this great leader of the American people shares in common with Mad George – the common first name) advised against making entangling alliances with Europe.

      The DemoRat Wilson Administration of 1913, (a year before the explosion of the first European Civil War), he imposed a European style Central Banking upon the American revolution — which both Washington and Jefferson rejected European notion of State establishment monopolies,,, first and foremost the Central Banking Corporate monopoly. This Wilson Bill, destroyed the free banking revolution of Jeffersonian democracy; confirmed by President Andrew Jackson in 1825. On Christmas eve with a Rump Congress, the Wilson Administration imposed the counter revolutionary Central Banking monopoly, commonly known as the Federal Reserve; together with the Federal bureaucracy – known today as the Internal Revenue Service. America established in 1913 a “new world order”, an economic alliance which joined the Allied States of Europe together with the United States.

      America’s borders with Mexico and Canada exists as a fixed permanent condition. US strategic interests therefore closely respect the static National fixed interests; as opposed to the the dynamic\ever changing National interests represented by tactical policy decisions.

      Israel, by stark contrast to the United States strategic interests; its national strategic interests radically differ from those of the US because it shares multiple borders with Nation States with a history of strong hostility to the existence and continuance of the Jewish State. Leopards can not change their spots. The strategic interests of the Jewish State in the Middle East, to integrate our tiny nation into the economies of States of the Middle East and North Africa; Israel views the enemy ”’blood libel”’ propaganda of ‘Greater Israel’, with total and absolute disdain.

      Therefore the strategic interests of the Jewish Cohen Republic centers around the establishment of Israel as an effective ‘Middle Man’, which promotes and facilitates vibrant trade between all States in the Middle East and North Africa. Tactically for Israel to achieve this long term strategic objective, this requires building an economic marriage among the States and countries within this region, based upon transforming the States of this economic alliance into an agricultural bread basket of the planet Earth.

      Israel possesses the unique trait of being capable to make the deserts bloom in the Sinai and Sahara by moving, over time, the rain forests of South America unto the Sinai\Sahara deserts. The nation of Israel possesses this blessing, the power to cause rain to fall in its due time and season. Transforming deserts into fertile farmlands, this blessing Israel gives to our Arab and Muslim neighbors.


      1. nicholasv56 God’s View of our Work – Isaiah

        [[[“””The integral connection of our work and the practical application of our worship also show up in the stories of two kings the prophet used to highlight the place of trusting God in the workplace. Both Ahaz and Hezekiah had leadership responsibilities in Judah as monarchs. Both faced terrifying enemies bent on the destruction of their nation and the city of Jerusalem. Both had the opportunity to believe God’s word through the prophet Isaiah that God would not allow the nation to fall to the enemy. In fact, God’s word to Ahaz was that what the terrified king most feared would not take place, but “if you do not stand firm in faith, you shall not stand at all” (Is. 7:9). Ahaz refused to trust God for deliverance, turning instead to an imprudent alliance with Assyria.”””]]].

        My response to this cherry picking narishkeit. The name given to the 5th Book of the Torah\דברים, this closing Book of Torat Moshe has a second famous name among the Jewish People – משנה תורה\Mishna Torah. Rabbi Yechudah the Prince, his famous codification of Jewish common law takes the name Mishna. Much later the Reshon, who has the acronym of Rambam, named his infamous code & Hebrew translation of Jewish law — Mishna Torah — translating Talmudic Aramaic to Mishnaic Hebrew, like Rabbi’s Mishna. Why infamous code? Publication of this code of halachah radically changed the pre-existent Talmudic definition for the term “Halachah”. This radical code of halachah – it moved the Goal Posts of Torah learning, and produced Civil War and the collapse of Torah learning. Hence the phrase ירידת הדורות\the generations in decline.

        The Talmud stands upon the יסוד\foundation of kabbalah which Rabbi Akiva introduced, known as פרדס chariot mysticism. All the Rabbis within the sealed masoret\tradition of the Talmud/”owned”, “followed”, and “obeyed”, the teachings of Rabbi Akiva. These sages became Rabbi Akiva’s talmidim\students. Rabbi Akiva – the father of the Talmud – Yerushalmi and Bavli. That רשע, ignobly remembered by the generations as the Rambam, his code of halachah which his chutzpah expressed itself, he named this vile code of halachah — “Mishna Torah”. that famous Reshon scholar did not know, much less understand the פרדס chariot mysticism taught by Rabbi Akiva and every Rabbi within the pages of the Talmud. He divorced the married couple: Aggaditah and Halachah, and he refused to give Aggaditah her ‘get’. The Rambam code of halachah likewise divorced the common law way of learning the T’NaCH Primary Sources as equally applicable to the masoret of learning the Sha’s Mishna and Gemarah – the Talmud.

        Learning the T’NaCH by comparing or contrasting sugiot defines the sh’itta of learning this Primary Source of the sealed masoret. Rabbi Yechudah – the Prince – based his codification of Oral Torah – the Mishna – upon this exact same יסוד which the T’NaCH Books learn. Common law learns by way of precedents, NOT competitive commentaries/pilpul. The discipline of Common Law, compares sugiot to similar sugiot precedents. The T’NaCH preceded the Talmud by centuries. The post 2nd Temple Talmud follows the precedent of learning which the T’NaCH 1st Temple established.

        Why does the Book of דברים likewise have the name משנה תורה? The Sages of Israel teach that the revelation of the Written Torah at Sinai encompasses תרי”ג commandments. The Sages of Israel likewise teach, that following the revelation of the opening first two Commandments at Sinai, the People whom HaShem and Moshe brought out of Egypt, cried out in absolute dread, that if they heard another Commandment from the voice of HaShem – that they would surely die as a nation, there on the spot at the foot of Mt. Sinai.

        The Sages of Israel teach 3 Basic Divisions which separate and distinguish the תרי”ג commandments: קום ועשה, שב ולא תעשה, וקום ועשה זמן גרמא… positive, negative, and positive time oriented commandments. This רשע, his rebellion against the authority of Torat Moshe places him together with the precedents of disgrace ‘the 10 spies, and Korach. In his Book of Commandments he chose to divide the תרי”ג commandments into positive and negative Commandments. A fundamental error, that other great Torah sages, like the B’hag – (a late Gaonim\”the magnificent”/, a period in Jewish history from approximately 500 to 1040 C.E, marked by intense scholarship at the Babylonian academies by scholars who studied and interpreted the Talmud), also regretfully made.

        This 3rd category of Torah commandments, unlike קום ועשה ושב ולא תעשה, requires “k’vannah”. Furthermore, the Mishna of ברכות teaches that this type of Torah commandment – an obligation only upon Men. The simple explanation for the exclusion of women from the obligation to keep positive time oriented commandments, to achieve “k’vannah” requires Talmud; the study of Talmud … a positive time oriented Torah commandment. Women had no portion with the golden calf error which defines the tumah revelation of avodah zarah; therefore the double inheritance of קום ועשה ושב ולא תעשה commandments rests first upon the women of Israel.

        Learning how to learn takes years of intense study, and even then – based upon the ignorance of the Rambam – few grasp the depths of kabbalah taught by Rabbi Akiva and his 5 surviving talmidim, whom the Romans failed to murder. Rabbi Akiva himself and 20,000 of his talmidim did not survive the 2nd attempt to throw off the oppressive yoke of Roman rule. The Romans delighted and perfected the malignant narcissism of torturing captured prisoners – a war crime against humanity, both then and today.

        An interpretation\translation for משנה תורה – ‘Legislative Review’. Kings, Parliaments, Congress, Legislators – one and all resent and oppose Courts, within any given country, who possess the mandate that enables these Courts to annul laws passed by the Government. משנה תורה goes beyond the parameters of negating laws imposed by ruling governments. משנה תורה gives the Great Sanhedrin lateral common law courtrooms the power to re-write laws imposed by governments upon the People, such that these re-written laws comply with the k’vanna of the Written Torah – the Constitution of the chosen Cohen Republic of States. But how do lateral Sanhedrin courtrooms achieve what virtually all governments throughout history despise and reject? Comparable to the NaCH, whereby ancient authorities demanded from the prophets not to command mussar in Israel. That these prophets should teach mussar only within the kingdom of Yechudah.

        The answer to this question most most essentially defines the kabbalah of Talmudic learning. This kabbalah, originally taught by Rabbi Akiva, that רשע Reshon clearly did not know. That halachic codification, made during the early Middle Ages, it redefined halacha — by shearing this fundamental branch of Talmudic scholarship away from קום ועשה זמן גרמא מצות, the Rambam destroyed and uprooted Israel from off the well trodden path which Talmudic halachah defined prior to the Rambam rebellion against Torat Moshe.

        Halachah as codified within that Reshon codification limited the scope of Halachah to rabbinic positive and negative commandments. This gross error of judgment, it profaned the commandment not to add or subtract from the Torah. Neither the Rambam nor the B’hag defined the mitza of k’vanna which tefillah most fundamentally requires. This fundamental lack of clarity by virtually all Reshonim scholarship thereafter, promoted in later generations, blind ignorance concerning the Siddur. “Scholars” today falsely teach, that a person who da’avens – requires only a simple understanding of the words which his lips pronounce! רשעים have no shame.

        The Rambam’s code failed to link t’shuva by both the Yatzir Ha’Rah AND the Yatzir Ha’Tov. Two fundamentally distinct and separate sets of social memory interaction-relationships among and between the Jewish people. His halachot on kre’a shma likewise failed to teach the k’vanna which distinguishes the purpose of saying the evening kre’a shma, from saying the morning kre’a shma. Tefillah and kre’a shma, two examples of קום ועשה זמן גרמא מצות. Both he and his predecessor the B’had acknowledged tefillah as a mitzva from the Torah, yet both failed to distinguishes this type of Torah commandment from positive commandments – which do not require k’vanna; comparable to two different categories of korbanot offered upon the altar.

        A basic and fundamental error, comparable to a man who dedicates a burnt offering, and later changes his mind and offers that same animal as a trespass offering. But the B’hag did not up-root the halachah from the dof of the Gemarah as did the Rambam code and like Xtian commentary which opens this discussion, cherry picks p’sukim. The error of cherry picking p’sukim defines the New Testament abomination. This false scholarship it perverts both meaning and intent of the obliterated sugiot which the Framers of the T’NaCH designed designed each and every sugia to instruct mussar.

        What k’vanna do קום ועשה זמן גרמא מצות require? Answer: משנה תורה. Meaning legislative review! Have come full circle to the above addressed topic. The פרדס kabbalah taught by Rabbi Akiva and by centuries of his talmidim, halachah functions as the form or shape of Torah commandments. The k’vanna of קום ועשה זמן גרמא מצות, this 3rd type of Torah commandments, they possess the power to elevate all Torah commandments both דאורייתא ודרבנן, (positive, negative commandments together with rabbinic halachot), unto this third Order of Torah commandments.

        This פרדס kabbalah breaks up into דרוש\פשט and רמז\סוד partnerships. They purpose, to make a warp\weft relationship that unites and weaves the interpretation of Torah commandments through the generations unto a unified fabric. Both the Aggaditah and Halachah within the Shas Talmud, they serve with the k’vanna to achieve this learning and purpose. Even more, the warp/weft kabbalot of פרדס and מעשה בראשית, likewise weave a fabric of faith which unites the פרדס T’NaCH\Talmud common law sh’itta of learning together with מעשה בראשית creating a new Creation through the dedication of avodat HaShem\tefillah with tremendous joy – comparable to the precedent of the splitting of the Sea of Reeds. The latter affixes itself to defining the k’vanna of the Siddur in general and da’avening unto HaShem in particular.

        Weaving these two contrasting kabbalot permits a חכם to affix Torah commandments and Talmudic halachot, whose משנה תורה affixes the k’vanna of prophetic Mussar – the פשט of the Aggaditah, directly to blessings within the Shemone Esrei; halachah and aggaditah – forms of faith united with the substance of faith – משנה תורה prophetic mussar. A חכם also dedicates the t’shuvah made by the two opposing Yatzirot memories, that recall social interactions – both evil & good – as קדוש unto HaShem. The t’shuvah of the Yatzir Ha’Rah dedication, that years later when that Man stands in the identical “Moccasins” (An interpretation Rabbi Asher Dov Kahn taught me in Tulsa Oklahoma.) wherein he previously stubbled. The t’shuvah of the Yatzir Ha’Tov, the tohor behavior express during times of social crisis\conflict which pacified and reduced hostility among and between bnai brit allies/neighbors.

        T’shuvah rejects the guilt and sin bondage, which so defines the tumah of Xtian avodah zarah. The Xtian notions of repentance – an anathema to the Torah faith. The mitzva of Moshiach shares no portion with this tumah guilt trip theology, doctrine, creed, or dogma, made famous by the rebel apostle Paul. His ‘original sin’ tumah perversion, it perverted the Torah curse concept of g’lut. Original sin justifies the false theology of that tumah NOT messiah. It does not merit any Torah respect.

        The mitzva of love requires “owning” the blessings and curses of the Torah. For this very reason the Siddur establishes da’avening the kre’a shma both in the evening and morning. The two tefillot dedicate the memories of the two Yatzirot respectively. The chosen Cohen nation “owns” this mussar by pulling responsibility into our hearts for both life and death\blessed and cursed. The k’vanna of tefillah stands upon the יסוד of separating t’shuva memories associated with tumah and tohor middot social interactions with the bnai brit people. דרך ארץ קדמה לתורה.

        The kabbalah of פרדס mysticism prioritizes learning and owning the mussar משנה תורה prophesies which all T’NaCH prophets command. Owning prophetic mussar commandments, actively pulled within the heart by means of learning through precedents. Mussar depth analysis does not compare, nor resemble, in any shape fashion or form, “believing” in Gods, or the theologies, or doctrines, or creeds, or dogmas – which claim to know the Will of God. The “mystery” of the Trinity tumah avodah zarah serves as a fundamental example of evil church theology. Such arrogance does not define nor instruct upon the Torah vision of faith. The faiths of Xtianity and Islam, both worship other Gods, which never caused the hairs of my forefathers to stand in fear. The rhetoric deception of “sister religions”, comparable to blood libel slanders made throughout the history of pagan Europe unto this very day.

        The T’NaCH learns (Talmud means “learning”), by the sh’itta of comparing or contrasting precedents. The Mishna’s style of Case\Rule duplicates how the T’NaCH compares or contrasts sugiot within the Books of the T’NaCH. The Gemarah makes a דרוש throughout the 6 Orders of the Mishna in order to find close precedents by which to understand (to discern like from like) the k’vanna of the language of each specific Mishnaic Case\Rule halachah. Both T’NaCH literature and the Talmud learn through the exact same sh’itta – known as the “logic” of the Torah Sh’Baal Peh. The church avodah zarah, expressed through the books of the pagan new testament, confuses Torah commandments with Law; Law with Oral Torah Logic.

        As Moshe the prophet learned and commanded his 611 commandment mussar to the opening first two Commandments at Sinai, so too did Rabbi Akiva and all the centuries of his talmidim, they likewise learn and command the woven together קום ועשה זמן גרמא מצות achieved through the fabric of Aggadic mussar p’shat, (the definition of the משנה תורה which learns the prophetic mussar interpreted by Oral Torah logic – from T’NaCH Primary sources) together with doing rabbinic ritual halachah, as codified in the pages of the Talmud. This fundamental and profound kabbalah which defines the primary\secondary/substance/form משנה תורה legislative review which prioritizes the k’vanna of Aggadic p’shat as the definition of the intent of halachic law.

        The rebel Rambam code perverted and destroyed this kabbalah taught by Rabbi Akiva and all his talmidim within the pages of the Sha’s Talmud! Halachah, as interpreted by the Rambam code, degraded the Torah to only קום ועשה ושב ולא תעשה commandments – as codified in his Safer HaMitzvot which divided the תרי”ג commandments into 2 categories of commandments. A basic and fundamental day and night error, which compares the rebellion of the Rambam, to that of the young king Shlomo who despised the mussar commandment of the prophet Natan.

        Justice Justice pursue defines the mussar k’vanna, the משנה תורה of the mitzva to build the Beit Hamikdash. The Moshiach does not build a house of wood and stone, the burden of the mitzva of Moshiach rests upon klall Israel, like all other Torah commandments. Justice Justice pursue defines the k’vanna of Torah faith. This mitzva stands upon HaShem taking Israel out of the bondage of Egyptian slavery.

        The Safer HaMitzvot, the introduction of Rambam’s halachic code, limits all the halachot learned from the Sha’s Talmud to positive and negative rabbinic commandments. His code fails to affix rabbinic halachot unto the יסוד of Torah commandments- משנה תורה. The gravity of this gross error, sowed chaos and anarchy into the hearts of all generations of g’lut Jewry, which already had lost the wisdom to do mitzvot לשמה, (Jews cannot keep Torah mitzvot in g’lut). His code transformed Halachic ritual observances, it divorced ritual rabbinic halachah from its partner Aggadic mussar p’shat learned from the Prophets. Separating like from like requires development of an eye that can discern subtle distinctions. Talmudic scholarship most essentially require בינה\understanding.

        If the Rambam code made the divorce between the Torah mussar commandments and rabbinic halachot plainly obvious for all to see and discern, Israel would have stoned the רשע immediately. None the less, a strong minority of Reshonim authorities placed a נדוי ban upon the Rambam, which holds to this very day. After publication of the Rambam code, a rapid deterioration of Torah scholarship immediately resulted in the destruction of Jewish communities across Western Europe, the result of yet another destructive Jewish war among brothers. The mussar curse which the prophet Natan imposed upon the House of David.

        The weaving of Aggaditah together with Halachah defines the requirements of all קום ועשה זמן גרמא מצות. These commandments- potentially include all the halachot which the Talmud codifies. The meaning and intent of משנה תורה\legislative review, an aliyah potential of all Torah and rabbinic commandments to that of קום ועשה זמן גרא מצות from the Torah; learning prophetic mussar as the p’shat of Aggaditah, Aggaditah therein establishes the k’vanna of keeping halachot in the whole of the Sha’s Talmud. The mandate of the משנה תורה itself establishes the authority of all Great Sanhedrin lateral common law courtrooms, to determine the k’vanna of all laws imposed by governments. Despite the fact that these governments have an open hostility to the משנה תורה mandate welded by Sanhedrin lateral common law courtrooms.

        With this required Preamble, shall now address the distinction of learning T’NaCH sugiot through the revelation of Oral Torah logic; contrast this discipline of learning with your cherry picking of p’sukim\verses – non sense.

        Ahaz at the age of twenty succeeded his father -Jotham – as king of Judea. He, like the kings of Israel rejected the Written Torah as the Constitution of the Cohen Republic. Ruling the land through justice meant little or nothing to this רשע. He murdered his son, forcing him to walk through the fires of Moloch. This assimilated king embraced the cultures & custom of the Phoenicians – who rejected the revelation of the Torah at Sinai. Hezekiah, a sibling son, assumed the crown after Ahaz. By the courage of his mother, who saved his life from a similar fate of his murdered brother. Hezekiah rejected and abhorred his fathers assimilation to foreign cultures, the first face of avodah zarah.

        The pagan Xtian European barbarians burned Jews upon the altars of Moloch throughout the 2nd European Civil War. 2000+ years of preaching Creeds, theologies, doctrines, and dogmatism by Xtian Preasts and Preachers – produced the “fruits” of the Shoah. NEVER AGAIN shall Torah Jews assimilate and kiss the Moloch Xtian God as its theology of Trinity monotheism dictates. That cursed dead religion now rots in g’lut – waiting for the 2nd coming of JeZeus the mamzer son of Mary.

        The sugia which contains your rhetoric propaganda, that cherry picked p’suk\verse – ישעיה ז:ז-ט. Mussar does not compare to history. Failure to discern the distinction between the two – exposes a fundamental incapacity of understanding. Reading the T’NaCH as history of days long ago past, totally perverts T’NaCH spirituality. Each and every generation, each and every individual in every generation, has the burden to make a serious דרוש\to search out and own/ the meaning of T’NaCH prophetic mussar spirituality. T’shuvah which differentiates the dedications made by the opposing Yatzirot to HaShem, no messiah possesses the power or authority to do avodat HaShem for any other Man, woman, or child. The mitzvah of Moshiach, a commandment incumbent upon the whole house of Israel, to do and live. The absurd notion preached: belief in a foreign Greek\Roman messiah whose death and resurrection saves Man from sin and death – utter total rubbish.

        Learning Torah requires obedience to the WAY: the discipline of precedent based common law. Herein defines the function and purpose of the revelation of the Oral Torah at Horev שמות ל”ד-ו’ ז, which the church abomination has always denied. Confusion between logic and law, a fundamentally obvious abuse and corruption. On par with removing the sugiot Order established by the Framers of the T’NaCH and arbitrarily replacing them with chapters and verses. Every generation struggles, just as did like Ahaz, with assimilation unto foreign cultures and customs of peoples and nations who never accepted the oath brit sworn at Sinai. The mussar which the Ahaz story commands, it applies equally to all Jews living today. Students who learn in Yeshiva, they rely primarily upon commentaries on the T’NaCH rather than learning how to learn by the Way of precedents — ירידת הדורות.

        Compare: ישעיה יח:ד-ו. Torah instructs mussar by means of the sh’ittah of משל\נמשל. Both sugiot address the owned curse of g’lut. Cross reference this mussar with מלכים א ג:ג,ד. Did the young king Shlomo have a tohor or tumah faith? The error of building the Temple in Jerusalem, king Shlomo failed to establish the authority of the Sanhedrin lateral common law court system. The last mitzva which Moshe the prophet exerted his last life energy to achieve – Moshe strove to established the Federal small Sanhedrin lateral common law courtrooms in three of the six Cities of Refuge. Justice Justice pursue defines the meaning and purpose of Torah faith. Man cannot love God and tolerate injustice and oppression of his bnai brit chosen Cohen people. Therefore king Shlomo chose the halachic ritual forms of faith, rather than prioritize the k’vanna substance of faith. This choice places him in the exact same camp as king Ahaz.

        The kingdom of Shlomo, under his rule, witnessed unprecedented wealth and prosperity. Yet this did not prevent the explosion of Civil War which almost obliterated his kingdom only one generation later. The T’NaCH makes virtually no mention of the Sanhedrin Federal Court System. King Shlomo, like king Ahaz, rejected the Torah as the written Constitution of the Cohen Republic of Tribes. King Shlomo, like king Ahaz, rejected the משנה תורה mandate which Torat Moshe strove to establish the judicial authority of the Sanhedrin Federal Court system as his choice, last and final mitzva, his Last Will & Testament in this world while he yet lived. Both kings despised the mussar commandment which Moshe the prophet commands all generations of the chosen Cohen nation to do and to live.


      2. How to Respond to Scripture Rejectors

        First Order of business: touching the evil Xtian bible MISTRANSLATIONS – INTENTIONAL SLANDER — wherein their bible books with original intent – did slander and pervert the Hebrew\Aramaic T’NaCH …

        All T’NaCH prophets command Mussar. Mussar defines the meaning of the word “prophecy spoken by prophets”. Xtianity, followed by the Muslim Koran wherein every 7th word, or there abouts, repeats the prophet this, or the prophet that etc etc etc etc etc etc. Something like the Polish saying: Od nasiona do rośliny\\{a poor translation: from seed to flower} or Od nasiona do drewna//{from seed to tree}. This defining perpetual error: It perverts ethical mussar unto physical history. But the T’NaCH has no purpose or intent to express the physical history of bnai brit societies of the past. Mitzvot only applicable to the living not the dead. Bible put ancient Israelite history upon a pedestal. It perverts a “historic” description of JeZeus the counterfeit Greek\Roman messiah into a God.

        This gross perversion, comparable to that made by aristocratic land owners within the Southern Confederacy of States, who declared that the bible permits slavery. No. The T’NaCH recognizes the way how virtually all agricultural based societies farmed their lands. Ever try removing seeds from raw cotton fibers w\o a cotton engine? Separating those seeds, captured and contained with intertwined cotton fibers – requires intense manual concentrated labor.

        Agricultural based economies therefore required slave labor. The aristocratic land owning minute 1% minority made money though owning slaves who work and farmed their lands. This Xtian perversion of the bible as history, it totally ignores the T’NaCH economic revolution, which established, for the first time, that all citizens merited the status of “land owners”. Not till the American and French revolutions would a comparable revolution occur. These two revolutions institutionalized citizens who had Rights over serfs who existed as slaves. The Xtian bible translations totally ignores the k’vanna\intent of the mitzva of sh’mita\\the 7th year release// of all debts owed, and the 50 year Yovel/Jubilee which returns all sold properties back to their original land owners.

        T’NaCH does not teach history. True where there’s smoke — also fire. In ancient times a people of Israel existed within the borders of the first Common Wealth. But to confuse smoke as fire, incredibly stupid. People hostile to the influence the Hebrew T’NaCH has on shaping Jewish culture, customs, and identity, they often declare “they do not believe in the bible”! As if such declarations accomplished something, other than their contempt. Non bnai brit Goyim//Volk who reject the obligation of the revelation of the Torah\\virtually all non Jews throughout history//, often these Volk make such arrogant and totally absurd declarations. Comparable to a person who publicly laughs after making a loud stinky fart in a crowded elevator.

        The T’NaCH literature compares in a sense unto gravity. Gravity functions irregardless, whether Man believes in its existence yay or nay. Gravity defines physical reality for all living and\or inanimate matter. Irrespective whether before or after Newton attempted to express a mathematical theory which explained this scientific term modern man knows as “gravity”. The Gods, how much more so … they do not depend — much less require, belief by Man Yay or Nay. Yet all belief systems of avodah zarah\\perverted worship//, their creeds, theologies, doctrines, and dogma all absolutely require that Man believe in this or those God(s). All the while, those foreign alien perversions of faith deny and reject the revelation of the Written Torah @ Sinai and the double revelation of the Oral Torah logic system which interprets the Written Torah k’vanna @ Horev.

        Mussar, either bnai brit Israel accepts or ignores, but actions Yay or Nay have their consequences. Mussar, in this sense compares to philosophy. It validates the conflict between to opposing Yatzirot forces within the heart of Man. Something like Yin\Yang symbolism, expressed by ancient Chinese philosophy. Or the modern scientific law of thermodynamics: every action has its equal and opposite reaction.

        T’NaCH literature — it’s mussar commands the bnai brit people, who accepted the Written Torah @ Sinai and the Oral Torah logic format @ Horev — it, addresses the opposing Yatzirot within the human heart of Man. Perverting the T’NaCH into a history book about ancient Israel,,, as huge a distortion as the argument, ”the bible permits slavery”, made by slave owning Southern aristocrats – prior to the US Civil War.

        Such perverted arguments, they totally high-jack original intent. The Torah k’vanna/intent\ represented by & through commandments in general, and the sh’mita and Yovel commandments – specifically! The current year in the Jewish calendar — a sh’mita year! Non Jewish calendars make no more reference to the 7th year sh’mita than does the Gregorian calendar validate: the Asian calendar, the year of the tiger, ox, rat etc, which Chinese calendars both identify & shape the cultural identity and\or perspective – of all Asian societies.

        Xtianity stands upon a foundation of racial prejudice. This utterly vile European racial superiority complex express by Nazism in the 20th Century. This specific perversion, it defines the barbarism and extreme violence that expressed through all eras of European history.

        Notions of superior vs. inferior races,,, a perversion which so defines Nazis ideology,,, this gross perversion of Humanity, it did not just, out of the blue, pop into only German Nazis minds – only during the 20th Century. European culture stands upon absconding foreign cultures, and making them as their own. Something like General Chang, a Klingon patriot and romantic nationalist declared that Shakespeare – a born Klingon! Roman polytheism renamed the Greek pantheon of Gods, it – so to speak – baptized Greek mythology, as Roman theology.

        Comparable to Xtian priests who stole Jewish children and baptized them against their Will. Thereafter Church authorities denied the original heritage these abducted and baptized children. European courts early in the 20th Century validated Church crimes against Humanity. The biblical translations of the T’NaCH, likewise do the same with their old/new testament bible perversions. This latter disgrace defines the distorted nature of Xtianity to this very moment in time. The equivalent of attempts made by pornographic ‘Gay Pride parades’ to normalize the immorality of sexual hedonism.

        “ How to Respond to Scripture Rejectors”

        Parshat Yitro — within the annual Torah reading of the Torah. The most basic question, or First question applicable to all Torah and T’NaCH characters of Aggadic mussar (((Something like characters in the famous books of modern novels Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew, and Leo Tolstoy’s long novel: War & Peace: Prince Bolkonski Andrew, Mademoiselle Bourienne, Count Ilya Rostov etc. etc. etc.)))).

        What qualifies as the dominant Yatzir which stirs the hearts of all T’NaCH mussar characters to keep and obey Torah commandments and Prophetic mitzvot? The Yatzir Ha’Rah: understood as doing mitzvot לא לשמה; or the Yatzir Ha’Tov: understood as doing mitzvot לשמה. This most basic and fundamental question defines the Mitzva known as “Acceptance of the Yoke of Heaven; the mitzva of Kre’a Shma: Hear Israel HaShem our Judge HaShem is One.

        This one mitzvah defines the k’vanna of all תרי”ג Commandments (613 mitzvot). For example: When Sarah commanded Hagar, her slave, to serve as a surrogate\substitute mother/ to birth the children of Avraham … with which Yatzir did Hagar obey her mistress Sarah? Answer: Hagar, the mother of Ishmael, obeyed the commandment of Sarah לא לשמה: with her Yatzir Ha’Rah\Evil Inclination.

        Contrast Moshe, who obeyed the command by HaShem, for him to go down to Egypt and take Israel out of slavery. He obeyed this commandment לשמה, with his Yatzir Ha’Tov\Good Inclination. All T’NaCH mussar characters within this Jewish novel, whose plot in simplicity designates them as either righteous or wicked. All these T’NaCH mussar characters express and serve the simple story plot that separates Good from Evil; which bases itself upon this most simple distinction. The distinction which separates the heroes from the villains — in all the T’NaCH mussar stories whose characters depict the distinction between righteous vs. wicked.

        A fundamental error made by church authorities throughout history, they read their bibles based upon the assumption that these biblical characters physically existed as real historical personalities. The mussar question of substance, which equally applies across the board to all T’NaCH novel characters, fictional aggadic personalities: which Yatzir dominates the heart of bnai brit man when he strives to keep and do Torah prophetic commandments? This most basic question, church theology, doctrine, dogma and creeds never ever, not even once, asks.

        The T’NaCH as an ancient novel series of stories never makes any reference to Palestine. The modern parlance ‘Palestinian people’ – how much more so. Post WWI propaganda attempts to refer to historical people, first the Jews who lived within Mandate British Palestine, and later the Arabs who Yasser Arafat called Palestinians, as ‘historical’ peoples. The post WWI British empire labeled their Middle Eastern division of the spoils of Ottoman Greater Syria as — “Palestine”. That same territory renamed unto Israel, in 1948 by David Ben-Gurion — the first Prime Minister of the modern State of Israel. Not till late 1963, early ’64 did Yasser Arafat attempt to foist the name Palestine – as the name of his terrorist organization – which he dubbed, the Palestine Liberation Army.

        As stated above, during the entire post WWI period, the British & French imperialist carving up of Ottoman Greater Syria (the name which the Ottoman Empire labeled the lands of Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Jordan, and Iraq), wherein France took as its post WWI spoils of victory, the territories of Lebanon and Syria – of Ottoman Greater Syria; while England awarded itself, by means of the recently established League of Nations, the Greater Syrian territories of Israel, Jordan, and Iraq. — All this part of Ottoman Greater Syria, the League of Nations Ventriloquist Doll Dummy labeled as part of “the British Palestine Mandate”.

        Obviously the post WWI Arabs living in Ottoman Greater Syria would never refer to themselves by the name of European imperialism —- Palestine —- Because this “British Mandate”, based itself upon the Balfour Declaration, cut in 1917. In this famous treaty, Britain agreed to accept as an obligation to temporarily rule the League British mandate territories: to honor the terms and conditions to establish a Jewish Home in the Middle East.

        For Arabs share cropping populations, who lived within the pre-WWI Ottoman Turkish Greater Syria – Muslims NOT Arabs – (1) Only Ottoman Turks could own land within the Ottoman empire. (2) Arab share croppers, post WWI, would NEVER consent, much less willingly accept any British European reference: which attempted to describe Arabs as Palestinians”.

        The British Palestine, whereby the League of Nations based awarding Ottoman Greater Syria lands as victory spoils of war, unto the British — based strictly and solely upon terms established and specified within the Balfour Treaty; Arabs in the Middle East cannot even pronounce the letter P as in Balestine. All Arabs across the Middle East rejected the British Palestine Mandate established in 1920, which based itself upon the Balfour Declaration of 1917. But Britain won the Great War, and Arab objections which rejected European rule over former Ottoman lands, the Allies and the League of Nations totally ignored. How much more strenuously did all Arab countries and peoples actively reject the name of British Palestine after Britain returned the mandate back to the United Nations in 1947.

        Following the Declaration of Independence by the newly born nation of Israel in 1948, the British mandate name of Palestine ceased to exist. Attempts to convert novel fictional characters into historical persons or histories — utterly and totally absurd, war time propaganda. On par with the classic and most famous example of war time propaganda: the Roman inspired counterfeit religion that preaches — the historical man messiah — JeZeus son of Mary.


      3. Growing Godly Born For Us: Everlasting Father (Isaiah 9:6)

        Xtianity sucks. It never ceases to amaze me why people permit and tolerate this utter and complete narishkeit\non sense. The Title of this scatterbrained narishkeit serves as evidence of plucking a verse taken totally out of the contexts of its containing sugia\sub chapter. This Goy disgraces the good name of Goyim. “What an idiot!” – Hermione, ‘Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone’, 2001.

        The sugia which contains this aborted p’suk\verse/ … ישעיה ח:יט-ט:ו. How does the conclusion of that sugia understand the opening thesis statement of that same sugia? The sugia opens with rebuke:
        דרשו אל האבות ואל הידענים המצפצפים והמהגים … search to medium witches and their like who make chirping and speak narishkeit. T’NaCH exists as the earliest codified format of Jewish common law. Xtianity in 2000+ years remains ignorant of this fundamental fact.

        This religion infamous for its criminal auto-da-fé war crimes against humanity, starting in the 15th through 19th Centuries. Napoleon utterly despised and detested the Catholic arrogance and abuse of power. He freed the Jews falsely imprisoned into the ghetto gulags only to have the church force the Jews back to wearing the garments of disgrace and ghettos immediately after Russia and Britain and Austria defeated Napoleon’s army at the battle of Waterloo.

        The Talmud, written and codified about 1000 years after the sealing of the T’NaCH. This latter codification of Jewish law — too a common law system of jurisprudence. During the Middle Ages, most especially after publication of the Rambam code which perverted the priority of logic over law, Jewish commentaries on the Talmud emphasized the learning of law books over the practice of law. Post Rambam, Jewish societies in g’lut witnessed a marked deterioration and decline that continued till well after the Shoah. The Reform rebellion against the T’NaCH, Talmud. and Siddur, perhaps the nadir of g’lut Jewry – the result of false imprisonment of the Jewish people for a period of time approaching 4 Centuries of ghetto starvation and oppression.

        Church narishkeit theology its unstable grasp of T’NaCH “scriptures”, perhaps served as the basis by which the church felt compelled to foist a completely Greek notion – Heaven vs. Hades (These unlettered goons do not know how to learn common law.) – as the foundation of the xtian notions touching “faith”. The vile auto-da-fé public torture and murder of innocent Men women and children, not a single European Courtroom has ever condemned these repeated war crimes against humanity. The church burned victims alive on pyre fires as a show,,, attempting to depict perverted ideas touching the flames of Hell – to terrify ignorant peasant spectators, and assure their obedience to church authority.

        European courts have a long tradition of imposing State power over the feudal serf populations; they have never sought to rule any land of Europe with justice. Recently the EU has attempted to foist an International Criminal Court (ICC) upon Israel. This jester fool court, like Brussels and the UN, assumes that Jews remain in the pre-1948 status of stateless refugees populations, which have no country of our own. This places the church on par with Brussels and its jester idiotic ICC court – none of these “official bodies” has the least bit knowledge that the T’NaCH stands as the first common law codification of Jewish common law.

        But wearing a black robe and sporting a white wig does not transform an ignorant ass, who sports strong prejudices, into an educated human being. All European courts, throughout history, labor to impose the power of the State upon subject populations. The Rome treaty does not determine “international law”, despite the noise the ICC shouts to the contrary. The absurd attempt to ram the Rome treaty down the throats of Israel – Bunk. This attempt to isolate Israel and force feed it with foreign European court rulings … fools the Jewish people of the State of Israel, we do not compare to Foie Gras – idiots.

        Common Law stands on the יסוד of precedents. The Gemarah learns each and every Case\Rule Mishna by making a study of precedents. The Gemerah style – Difficulty\Answer – challenges all possible precedents which the sages sought to learn and understand a specific Case\Rule Mishna. As mentioned above, the study of the Talmud, by which virtually all later commentaries on the Talmud, made it their priority to study law books rather than Jewish common law jurisprudence – to what does this ירידת הדורות compare?

        As a young yeshiva bochur, whenever some rabbi would express comparable cavalier attitude of absolute ignorance and dogmatically preach ירידות הדורות, this would invariably turn my stomach. Something on par with the Nazi dogmatism of Untermensch! Rabbinic yabber as if ירידות הדורות, existed as a fore gone conclusion, completely out of our hands – to control and change. Many rabbinic authorities clung to this vile dogmatism when I lived in Beit Shemesh. This disgusting dogmatism promoted by many rabbinic moron authorities, greatly contributed to my decision to leave that city permanently.

        Many Orthodox rabbis fall into the trap, which so characterizes Xtian theology & narishkeit, specifically – rabbinic authority hinges upon their reading, external knowldege, of classic sources. But any person with the Will to read rabbinic literature, makes that person no more an expert upon common law jurisprudence than it does Xtians who bang their bibles on table, like as repeatedly did Jimmy Swaggart. Fear of Heaven eventually defines the reputation of all public figures. Swaggart’s arrogant balloon pooped when the public realized that he consorted with paid for sex prostitutes. Something like Khrushchev’s condemnation of Stalin … which resulted in Mao’s rejection of the Soviet socialist alliance with China.

        The long bloody criminal history of the church abuse and perversion of power, ‘Fear of Heaven’ now bites this criminal deviant religion, and Xtian priests and preachers have no where to hide or run. Reactionary Xtians can now only pretend to preach “the Good News” in the hopes that their flocks remain ignorant and totally unaware of the repeated, in almost every generation, church war crimes against humanity. Alas “by their fruits you shall know them”, this rebuke – it exposes the disgrace of the church for all eyes to see.

        The blood of the tortured and murdered, does not cease to cry out for justice. The church – Catholic, Protestant, Mormon etc – bears the mark of Cain for all eternity. The preachy preach “Good News and great commission” stands in the shadows of church war crimes guilt, repeated over and again against humanity. Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Idi Amin Dada, Nicolae Ceausescu, Syngman Rhee, and Augusto José Ramón Pinochet, these criminals cast their nets of torture rape and mayhem, and then they died in a generation perhaps two; but church criminal guilt has defiled humanity with non stop cruelty, murder, and death for 2000+ years!

        The the call of the shofar blasts – Fear of Heaven. Who living today makes the choice to ignore the call of the shofar, which sounds the din for Justice? Till now Goyim have paid scant attention to the blowing of the shofar every Rosh HaShannah; the fast of Yom Kippur has remained totally ignored. The blowing of the shofar – defines the faith, also known as: ‘Fear of Heaven’. Before any common law court declares the guilt of a Capital Crimes Criminal – the sages blow the shofar. The voice of the shofar, it combines with the blood of Abel. Both plead to HaShem, they cry for justice.

        Let’s learn. Shall bring a slightly removed precedent, then shall over shoot and bring a precedent slightly distant. Then the target enemy bracketed by precedents, shall fire for effect, and slaughter enemy forces without remorse or mercy.

        ישעיה ז:ז-ט. As HaShem commanded the Moshiach anointing of Shaul and David, so too HaShem commands the Moshiach anointing of all kings of Yechudah and Israel. For a man, even a king, to assume that he determines victory in war, all prophets have denounced this impudence as foolish and most unwise. The over-shot: ישעיה מא:א-ז. Standing before the revelation of HaShem in this world, the tumah Yatzir Ha’Rah calls upon the Names of other Gods. Both Xtianity and Islam shout and declare — They represent the true faith! Both this and that declare alien foreign Names as the One God!

        Fire for effect: יעיה נב:ג This sugia teaches its mussar in one verse. The vanity of false rabbinic authorities results in g’lut. But the righteous justice of HaShem weighs the hearts of Israel, like as when prophets anointed kings as Moshiach. Do we make t’shuvah for assimilation? This question stands in the scales of justice all post 1948 and 1967 Jewry. In 1948 and again in 1967 HaShem anointed Israel with the holy oils of geulah. Now stands the generations born there after, shall we make the Torah the written Constitution of our Republic? Shall we restore the lateral common law Sanhedrin Federal Courtrooms by rebuilding the 6 Levitical Cities of Refuge? These questions, they judge each and every generation of bnia brit Israel who walk before HaShem today.

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  2. The 2nd פרק of Parshat קדושים

    The goal of ‘global democracy’ promoted by British thinker David Held and others; the notion of direct election of Heads of State; that such a notion unilaterally qualifies as the best form of governance. This fraud of a political idea, it flagrantly violates the concept of States Rights within a Republic.

    The premise of direct election of Senators, passage of the 17th Amendment, favors democracy over the authority of State Legislatures. After its passage, Democracy undermined States Rights of the Republic; it replaced the strong connection of State Legislatures with the Federal Senate, and replaced this political idea with the illegal fourth Branch of the Federal Government: Corporate monopoly lobbies.

    Effectively, establishment of the 4th Branch of Government accomplished the dismantilization of States Rights. This new type of ‘Democracy’, opened the door to the establishment of a State within a State type of rule. The Cheney – Bush Administration serves as witness.

    Post amendment passage empowered a huge Federal bureaucracy which has no accountability to the Public at large. Beyond the hype and political rhetoric, where’s the “democracy”? The notion of Grand Democratic values, by far overshadowed by non elected bureaucratic law makers who have no accountability for their rule enforcement decisions. Bureaucrats watch elected officialdom come and go.

    Only a small government has accountability for actions and decisions taken. Hence the slogan: States Rights Washington Bites. And: Down with Big Brother. Big Government means huge corruption.

    Centralized Governments serve but one ideal purpose: fight foreign wars. Huge government, due to the corruption of its imperialism, cannot even do that one objective without bankrupting the future born generations in National debt. Huge governments serve their own self made interests – alone. Government governs best which governs least.

    For these reasons, Israel should withdraw its membership within the United Nations. The notion of a ‘world democracy’ negates Israel winning its National Independence in two existential wars: 1948, and 1967. Foreign national leaders do not determine the strategic best interests of the Jewish State or any other country.

    World democracy sounds great, till a peoples’ national populations becomes a tiny minority when compared to larger nations. The House of Congress weighs this crucial consideration. Russia does not permit US Senators to determine the borders of Russia. Yet the UN demands that a majority of hostile countries, who oppose the existence of Israel, have the right to determine both the Jewish Capital and its international borders?

    The farcical notion of ‘global democracy’ merits nothing other than complete contempt. Israel needs a global big brother like the British political scientist David Held needs a .45 slug, shot between his eyes.

    The 2nd פרק commands from קדושים יט: כג – לז. The פרק contains two סוגיות. The first סוגיה יט: כג – לב. Learning the Torah requires respecting its own self imposed system of Order. The Torah sets its own borders. Xtian farcical translations do not determine Torah chapters any more than do foreign countries, who do not even share a common border with Israel, determine the international borders of the Jewish State.

    The moment that David Ben-Gurion named the new country Israel, the UN mandate to draw up possible borders for the Jewish state, or other Arab countries, ceased to exist. Great Britain favored the India\Pakistan split; but once India and Pakistan attained political Independence, England lost its power to determine the international borders of either country. Same holds true with Algeria after Muslims dismantled French imperial rule.

    This opening סוגיה introduced the cultural precedent of ערלה in tree produce. Moshe established the function of the Federal Sanhedrin Courts to determine the culture and customs practiced by the chosen Cohen nation. The chief function of avodah zarah, it worships foreign God(s), and dismantles the authority of the Sanhedrin lateral common law courts to determine the culture and customs practiced by the Cohen people within our own nation.

    The legal concept of משנה תורה permits these Federal Courts to implement ‘legislative review’ which determines the k’vanna of keeping State imposed statute laws. Why should a Jewish citizen observe and respect Statute laws made by the Knesset government?

    משנה תורה determines the cultural k’vanna of keeping those laws and regulations, imposed by our Knesset Parliament. In similar fashion, Aggaditah shapes and determines the mussar k’vanna of all the Halachot within the pages of the Talmud. This דרך sh’itta of learning effectively defines the k’vanna role of the term משנה תורה.

    The Roman law statute halachot passed by the Rambam’s statute law code, it has no prophetic mussar משנה תורה k’vanna. They exist as but a shell that establishes the forms of the religion known as Judaism. The Ari’s kabbalah view kleppah as evil.

    Substance always takes priority over forms. Dreams project forms of thoughts within the human mind. But the self actualization of dreams – by far – superior to dreams which a person immediately forgets upon waking. The Torah denounces false prophets and dreamers of dreams, which negate the mandate of the Sanhedrin courts to determine through the משנה תורה wisdom, Jewish culture and custom, which set within the borders of our homelands the substance of our cultures and customs which defines the identity of our Cohen people.
    The Torah invalidates how the Canaanites practiced their avodah zarah superstitions through means of the produce produced in the fields. The sages determine the ‘good name’ which defines our cultural inheritance as the chosen Cohen people, accomplished through the exercise of משנה תורה wisdom.

    Let’s Learn. A slightly distant precedent: ב: ב – טז. Guardians respect the cultural inheritance of our people as we strive to maintain and respect the borders of our country. The commandment to respect Esau, it forbids replacement theology wherein enemies attempt to subvert the cultures and customs practiced by minority populations who practice divergent cultures and customs.
    Universal religions and theologies directly compare to modern notions of world democratic governance. The commandment to uproot and destroy the cultural traditions practiced by the cursed nations of Canaan imposes the obligation placed upon Sanhedrin Federal courts to uphold the culture and customs of our People.

    Especially when confronted by Goyim and their replacement theologies. G’lut promises that as Israel strove to uproot and destroy the culture and customs practiced by cursed Canaan, that this Yatzir equally drives Goyim interests who contend with stateless Jews refugee populations in foreign countries abroad.

    An exact precise precedent: ה: יב – יח Only Israel has the cultural experience of Egyptian slavery. From shabbot observance to negative commandments not to damage the persons and properties of our allied people, all this learns from the oppression our forefathers endured in the g’lut of Egypt.

    The g’lut suffered there, repeats of that same or similar experience in the g’lut felt by all generations of Israel. Assimilation to the cultures and customs practiced by Goyim defines the 2nd Commandment of the Sinai revelation.

    A distant precedent: ו: טז – כה. Each and every generation delivered from g’lut has a Torah obligation to maintain the cultural integrity of our Cohen inheritance.
    In any ‘world democratic governance’ Jews surrender our freedom to uphold and maintain our unique cultural inheritance. Herein explains why Jews reject any and all UN or other foreign nation “mandates” which presumes to determine and shape the borders of our country or the Capital City of our nation.

    Another distant precedent: י: א – יא. The appointment of the Tribe of Levi to instruct mussar, this action likewise defines the inheritance of the rabbis who designate the halachah. A seamless garment – the cultural inheritance of the Jewish people. Why should Jews keep and observe the halachah? Because we do not worship the avodah zarah culture and customs practiced by non bnai brit Goyim who reject the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai @ Horev.

    A precise exact precedent: יא: י – כא. Ruling our own country makes our land completely different from foreign countries ruled by Goyim. The 2nd paragraph within the kre’a shma and tefillen mitzva enshrines this fundamental distinction.

    The curse of מעשה בראשית, Jews who slander ארץ ישראל by calling it g’lut! Such fools develop no tohor middah of shame nor fear of heaven. Ruling the oath sworn lands day and night – totally different than g’lut, Jews ruled by Goyim who practice avodah zarah.

    Still another exact precise precedent: יג: ב – יב. The Tzeddukim רשעים, those assimilated fools sought to turn Jerusalem into a Greek polis! On par with those defiled tumah priests, the assimilated Roman statute halachot of the Yad HaChazakah, Tur, and Shulchan Aruch.
    Frumkeit off the derech Jews arrogantly slander ארץ ישראל and refer to it as g’lut, based upon the narishkeit Moshiach tumah gases which these corrupt codes of assimilated statute Roman law blow.

    Gemarah common law always serves to understand the language of the Mishna. The Roman law assimilated codes profess equality of halachah; they make no distinction between sources: the Mishna from the Gemarah. They ignore that the B’hag, Rif, Rosh Codes, their halachic rulings served as precedents to understand the language of given quoted Mishna!

    Common law and statute Roman law – two completely different systems of law. Post the Rambam Civil War rabbinic authorities preached assimilation oblivious to the fact that Sanhedrin common law rejects the stamp of Roman statute law, in determining the culture and customs practiced by the chosen Cohen nation.

    The animus unconscious masculine side to keep halachah, requires the aggadic femine Shekinah prophetic mussar spirit which inspires bnai brit man to reach set defined goal objectives. Observance of halachot as precedents to a Mishna, so to speak, releases dopamine into our blood and causes our people to feel happiness… wheels within wheels, the פרדס vision of faith.
    Assimilated Roman statute halachah compares to sterile homosexuality, a Torah abomination. Frumkeit Jews keep the halachah merely because it’s written in the Shulchan Aruch! Since when did any assimilated code, written during the g’lut Middle Ages, replace the authority of T’NaCH Talmud & Siddur?

    Yet post Rambam Civil War Jews only worship words printed in the Siddur. K’vanna, as prophetic mussar, they know nothing about. Their “rabbis” tell them that it’s enough if they say the printed Siddur words. As if praying existed on par with reading news-paper printed propaganda trash! Their “rabbis” tell them that the survival of the nation, which they often do not even recognize, (Jews in Israel live in g’lut) depends upon Yeshiva students parroting printed words! What a disgrace. Comparable to JeZeus messiah babble or Allah and אדוני, one Unitarian monotheistic theology.

    These disgusting tumah codes of avodah zarah learn directly from the mussar commandment: יג: ז – יב. They directly compare to the cursed Canaanite nations which Moshe received mussar to up-root and totally destroy.

    A slightly distant precedent: כג: ד – יז. And a distant precedent: כו: טז – כז: ח. Fear of heaven vs. assimilation to g’lut cultures and customs defines the blessings and curses of the Torah באר היטב.

    A slightly distant precedent: לא: יד – ל. Moshe warned that the nation shall disgrace themselves and pursue assimilation avodah zarah, a closing mussar rebuke unto all generations of our people.

    Compare the kabbalah of the prophet יחזקאל and his mussar. A slightly distant precedent: ה: ה – יז. The sword of g’lut forever hangs over the chosen Cohen nation whose lateral Sanhedrin courts rule this land with common law justice halachot, woven together with prophetic mussar, based upon the משנה תורה wisdom as written here.

    A slightly distant precedent: ח: טו – ט: יא. Another slightly distant precedent: יא: ד – יג. A more distant precedent: יב: א – כ. The vision of יחזקאל compares to the disgust of HaShem when the g’lut Wilderness generation asked for meat to eat, but concealed ערוה within their hearts.
    The stench of the vision of g’lut, it reeks so bad that perhaps let’s just jump to searching for precedents from where the first פרק left off. An exact precise precedent: כט: יג – כא. Israel can make no alliance with any nation, no matter how great, abandon the Cohen brit faith, and expect a blessing of success. If our leaders behave as did the Rambam and that disgraceful son of the Rosh, who despised & humiliated his father, then curses shall rain down upon our people and we shall once again exist under the oppression of g’lut slavery, לשון הרע, and Shoah.

    A precise and exact mussar precedent: ל: יג -כו. Modern Israel has an alliance with the United States. This foreign policy blooms with blessings only as long as the Sanhedrin Federal common law lateral courts, through משנה תורה wisdom, establishes prophetic mussar aggaditah as the k’vanna of Talmudic halachah … Knesset statute laws. The prophetic mussar of the prophets breathes either life or death today, as did the prophet’s mussar commanded during the First Commonwealth Republic.

    וידעו כי אני יהוה.

    Herein this 2nd פרק has reached a tremendous crescendo.


  3. Born and raised Texan. Made aliyah to Israel back in 1991. America faces deep troubles at home. The Saudi have announced that they intend to repudiate the petro-dollar monopoly that has brought huge amounts of cash into the US Treasury. China faces runs on their banks! American society totally fractionized and alienated American from American.

    Biden’s State visit to the Middle East & Israel.
    Nothing to see, move on. Biden will not negate the Petro-dollar monopoly which President Nixon negotiated to counter the demand made by the French for gold or silver for their international dollars. Uncle Joe will not return the US dollar to a commodity based gold/silver currency. OPEC’s economic alliance with Washington shall not change. OPEC shall require all countries who buy their petroleum to pay in US Dollars. No other currency permitted to pay for Middle East produced petroleum products. Washington’s taxation of OPEC petroleum brings much needed cash into a totally bankrupt system.

    Obviously this State visit, not the forum to address the growing threats to American internal anarchy and chaos on its domestic front. The storm clouds of Civil War hang over Washington something like the hangman placing a hood over the head of the criminal. American Civil society degenerates on a daily basis into deeper chaos and anarchy between and among American citizens who hate and despise one another worse than they do foreign enemies abroad.

    The coming Mid-term Congressional elections promise the political retirement of Pelosi, Waters, and Adam S(c)hit/ff, the pollution and smog of Californian politics. Israeli leaders wait with great anticipation, the return of President Trump, and his excellent leadership to restore Order and calm within a very fragmented American ally.

    The American national debt does very much concern Israeli strategic interests. If America falls into an internal revolution, Israeli relations with our Arab and Muslim neighbours would most probably likewise collapse. The public divorce of Arab stateless refugees compares to Black September of 1970. Uprooting the Arab stateless refugee nihilism from among our nation has become a heightened priority.

    But this State visit, by a senile President, such crucial issues – completely ignored. Biden’s handlers have directed him to address different types of “external superficial bandages” for the festering wounds caused by the terrorism made Balestinian refugee criminal populations, temporarily residing within the borders of the Jewish state.


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